Working with Negarra is a thorough and insightful experience. She offers informational sessions by phone so you can learn more about her lineage and process. Based on my informational session, I chose to have an oracular divination. What I appreciate about Negarra is that she is transparent about her lineage and the elders who guide her practice. Her website clearly states who her elders are, which confirmed to me that she is a serious, dedicated practitioner of her Palo lineage and is not a self-proclaimed healer who tampers with African based spiritual practice and cosmology.

The oracular divination confirmed what I was experiencing and Negarra gave me a course of action to resolve my issue. My issue was resolved as a result and Negarra was available without hesitation to clarify and answer my questions throughout the entire process.
— Anonymous in Seattle, WA
Negarra is a born diviner, who is deeply connected to her spirit guides and other divine entities. Her knowledge of healing herbs is impressive!
— T.D. Trosclair-Gonzalez in Los Angeles, CA
I learned a lot from my session with Negarra. I tend to think a lot about my position in life in the context of those that came before me and those that will come after me. Negarra’s insights and knowledge really support this generative view of time and community. I felt a sense of confirmation for many notions and perspectives that I hold and clear on where I’d like to steer my intentions moving forward.
— M. Tweedy, Seattle, WA
As a diviner, priest, and spiritualist in my own right, it inevitably becomes necessary for us to check in with a colleague to gain outside perspective in order to receive clarity about one’s own life and affairs.

I was impressed by the reading I received, and the clearly understood, honest, and objective advice.
I am more than pleased.
— S. Saudades in New York, NY
I had the most amazing and relaxing reiki experience ever!!!! I walked away feeling refreshed and in alignment with my body. I know I was snoring lol!!!! But seriously Negarra is the BEST!!!! Thank you so much for positive energy and helping me get back to feeling centered. I’ll be seeing you again soon.
— A. Alley-Barnes in Seattle, WA