Intentional Incantation


Independent of one's spiritual or religious affinity, prayer is a powerful tool for acknowledging, connecting to and engaging with a higher power. Whether we direct these supplications to the Creator, the ancestors, or spiritual deities, we can affect beneficial change for ourselves by leveraging the power of our intent with the energy of voices through prayer.

How it works

The International Incantation program kicks off March 20, 2018 on the spring equinox. Intentional Incantation clients will benefit from a daily prayer said on their behalf at the Perpetuity Healing Arts altar. For additional efficacy, clients may opt to include our candle + distance reiki add-on. The candle will be lit and placed on the altar and the distance reiki session will be performed at the same moment.


Daily prayer is $30 per month or $75 per quarter. Your rate is locked in for the duration of your subscription. Choose the candle + distance reiki session add-on for $40 to go along with your prayer.

To subscribe, complete the form below. Within 48 hours of receiving your form, we will send you a confirmation email containing the details of the program and a link to schedule your FREE 30-minute mediumistic divination session. If you opt for the candle + distance Reiki add-on, your confirmation email will also contain a link to purchase the add-on. You will be charged on March 20, 2018 and your prayer cycle will commence on that very same day. Fees are auto-renewing until you cancel.