What is unique about Perpetuity Healing Arts?

Perpetuity Healing Arts focuses on the entire person his/her contemporary state. We address issues of the mind, body, and spirit to assist people in establishing healthy intellectual, emotional, and spiritual practices with a view towards sustainable wellness. Our practice is informed by Palo Mayombe and Espiritismo Cruzado, as well as the Japanese energy work modality, Reiki.

What is your typical process for working with a new client?

Each client is encouraged to schedule a free, 30-minute information session by telephone so that he/she may learn more about the business and if it is the right fit for their goals and desires. If you are seeking advice about your healing, schedule a session.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Negarra A. Kudumu is a practitioner of three African diasporic, specifically Afro-Cuban, spiritual traditions known as Lukumi, Palo Mayombe, and Espiritismo Cruzado. She carries the title Yaya Nkisi Malongo conferred upon her through initiation by her mentor and Yaya Nkisi Nganga Teisha Shaw. Negarra is a Reiki practitioner attuned to levels I and II also conferred upon her by her mentor and Reiki Master Teisha Shaw. She is an uninitiated omo orisa in the Lukumi tradition under the mentorship of Iyalorisa Sabrina Davis-Parham. Additionally, Negarra holds a BA in Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies from Dartmouth College; an MA in International Relations & Diplomacy from Leiden University; maintains working, professional, and near native level fluency in French, Spanish, and Portuguese respectively; and is active in the art world as an essayist and emerging curator.

I am interested in your divination services but I don't know which one to choose. 

To read about all of our healing modalities, click here. To learn more about divination generally, check out the 4-part blog series "What Is Divination?"

Shouldn't spiritual work and other kinds of wellness products be cheap, if not free?

Professional healers invest significant time, money, and in-kind resources to acquire and maintain the knowledge and training they offer to their clientele. Any healer who is actively advocating for and assisting in the healing of others, must consistently take care of their own spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. This too costs time and money. The quality of service that a healer offers his or her clients, is reflected in the pricing. Perpetuity Healing Arts uses only the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Each client case is treated as singular and accorded the highest level of care and attention. 

We recognize that many individuals are experiencing economic hardship and thus we offer discounted rates  for individuals earning 50% of the median income and below. Proof of income is required.

Where can I read about your refund and cancellation policies?

See our policies & terms of use page for a complete summary.

Does Perpetuity Healing Arts offer classes?

Not at this time.

Does Perpetuity Healing Arts offer mental health counseling?

Perpetuity Healing Arts does not offer mental health counseling nor is Negarra A. Kudumu a licensed therapist.

What if I don't live in or near Seattle?

Most services can be performed regardless of where you live. Please email to request details specific to your scenario.