My work activates your healing process. Whether you seek spiritual (re)connection, insights via divination, pain relief from Reiki, or anxiety support through herbalism, I am here as a trusted source of information and advocacy. I am your partner on your healing journey.
 Photographer: Yannick Anton

Photographer: Yannick Anton

Negarra A. Kudumu, Founder & Owner

Negarra's ancestral roots reach back to Mississippi and Georgia, and before that to present-day Angola, Congo, and the Senegambia region. Her maternal lineage's tradition of caring for the dead manifests in her contemporary healing practice, which includes the Espiritismo Cruzado and Muerterismo traditions. 

She has maintained an active interest in the cultural, and specifically the spiritual, traditions of the African continent and its diaspora for 20 years as both student and practitioner. She holds the title of Yayi Nkisi Malongo (priestess) in the Brama Con Brama lineage of Palo Mayombe and is a non-initiated lay practitioner in the Pimienta lineage of Lukumi. Negarra is also a level II Reiki practitioner and an herbalist.

Perpetuity Healing Arts is advised by a Council of Elders who represent diverse cultural, professional, and spiritual backgrounds.

Iyalorisa Sabrina Davis-Parham
Orlando, FL

Yaya Nkisi Malongo Teisha Shaw
Atlanta, GA

Awo Orilana Èṣùdina (Luis E. Marin)
Riverdale Park, MD